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Fundnet is a fund's computer network that KSD operates in the asset management market.

KSD provides efficient fund-related services to clients through the standardized data and message being collected in the connected system among participants such as an asset management company, a broker, a trustee, a fund administrator,
and a distributor.

Provided services in FundNet

The presence of participants (Unit : company, at the end of 2015)
The presence of participants : Category(Broker/ dealer(Securities company, Future company, Others, Total)), Collective investment entities(Asset management, Investment Advisory, Insurance, Others, Total), Distributors(Securities, Futures, Bank, Asset management ,, Insurance, Others ,Total), Trustee, Fund administrator, Related organizations, Total), The number of companies
Category The number of companies
Broker/ dealer Securities company 56
Future company 6
Others 3
Total 65
Collective investment entities Asset management 91
Investment Advisory 70
Insurance 8
Others 2
Total 171
Distributors Securities 36
Futures 1
Bank 19
Asset management 11
Insurance 10
Others 2
Total 79
Trustee 19
Fund administrator 9
Related organizations 4
Total 347
(Note: "Others in broker/dealer" means Korea Money Brokerage Corp., Seoul Money Brokerage Services, KIDB, and
Korea Securities Finance Corp..

"Others in distributors" means Investment Bank and Fund Online Korea.
"Related organizations" means Bank of Korea, Financial Supervisory Service, and Korea Federation of Banks and Koscom)
  • Fundnet & opened in April, 2004 under Indirect Investment Asset Management Business Act, and currently it has been operated under article 80 and 296 of Capital Markets Act.
  • Fundnet provides the management services related to collective investment securities and collective investment asset from creation of funds to development & termination such as subscription & redemption of collective investment securities, management instruction of collective investment asset, fund deposit & settlement, and management of beneficiaries' roster.

Benefits of FundNet

  • The advance of asset management industry through reduced costs and high- efficiency infrastructure

    Manual working environment has been changed to digitalized FundNet system. Accordingly, the processing time and making business mistake is reduced, and it cuts the office management costs related to asset management. Standardized information flow and DVP eliminates settlement risk, and it contributes to the advance of asset management industry.

  • Enhanced investors' trust through transparent management of collective investment asset

    The transparency of fund management is enhanced and improves investors' trust through separate management of collective investment asset in fund-by-fund basis, transparent management of changed details of asset, and monitoring of improper transaction histories.

  • Supporting compliance of monitoring agencies

    The information related to fund management is standardized and collected timely and promptly, so KSD can support compliance of external monitoring agencies such as Financial Supervisory Service and trustees.

Other integrated services

FundNet is connected with following external systems for the support of asset management companies except for participant institutions.

Other integrated services : Connected system (connected institution), Services
Connected system (connected institution) Services
Payment system and foreign exchange computer network
( Bank of Korea)
Using DVP in the market and the OTC, and the submit of foreign exchange report of asset management company
Constant monitoring system
(Financial Supervisory Service)
Submitting possession details of asset management company's collective investment asset and transaction data to Financial Supervisory Service
Credit information system
(Korea Federation of Banks)
Submitting fund's information on possession of short-term financial instrument such as CD and CP to Korea Federation of Banks
Client ledger system of commissioned securities company
Transmitting and receiving of transaction data about an asset management company's account of the securities company which manages client ledger on commission.