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Cross-border Securities Transactions and KSD

Overview of global services

The integration of worldwide securities markets has enabled securities transactions across national boundaries without being limited by temporal and geographical restrictions such as trading hours, domicile of investors, and country of issuance of the securities. KSD supports cross-border issuance and circulation of securities of domestic companies, and investors' investment in the global financial market.

Types of cross-border securities transactions

  • Primary market
    • Securities issuance of domestic companies in foreign market
    • Securities issuance of foreign companies in domestic market
  • Secondary market
    • Residents' foreign securities investment
    • Non-residents' domestic securities investment

KSD - a single gateway for cross-border securities transactions

  • Supporting foreign securities investment of domestic investors

    KSD offers cross-border securities deposit and settlement services to domestic investors.

  • Supporting domestic securities investment of foreign investors

    KSD provides local custody and standing proxy service.

  • Supporting issuance of foreign securities of domestic companies

    KSD offers custody service of DR underlying shares.

  • Supporting domestic listing of foreign companies

    KSD facilitates the issuance of KDR and provides depositary service.