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Securities agent service

As a transfer agent, KSD provides securities administration services such as title transfer, issuing services, and dividend payment on behalf of the issuer.

Major services

Major services : Transfer agent , Issuing agent , Paying agent
Transfer agent Issuing agent Paying agent
  • Maintain the shareholders list, beneficial owners list or bond register
  • Record title transfers, establishment and release of pledges, and indication and cancellation of trusts
  • Schedule and assist corporate action events such as general meetings, dividend payments, paid-in capital increases and bonus issues and mergers
  • Request, receipt and overprint of securities certificate forms
  • Keep custody of preliminary securities
  • Issue, distribute, and cancel of securities
  • Issue notifications and public summons related to securities issuance
  • Calculate and pay dividends, or principal and interest
  • Prepare payment ledger for dividends, or principal and interest

Users of securities agent services

  • IPO and listed companies

    Companies planning to list their stock on the KOSPI, KOSDAQ, KONEX, or K-OTC market, must designate a transfer agent handle securities administration, issue uniform securities certificates, and be approved for deposit by KSD.

  • Unlisted companies

    If necessary, unlisted companies can appoint a transfer agent to handle stock administration efficiently and to ensure the credibility of share certificates through the issuance of uniform securities certificates or designation of deposit.

Advantages of KSD as a transfer agent

  • A securities services provider with 40 years of history, KSD possesses wide expertise in providing stock administration services.
  • KSD provides one-stop stock administration services of such issuing uniform securities certificates, designation of deposit, mandatory separate safe custody, electronic voting, and electronic short-term bond and DR issuance.
  • There are offices in five major cities - Busan, Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, and Jeonju to provide services to investors nationwide.

Other services

  • Reporting irregular share certificates
    • In case certificates are lost, damaged or destroyed, the shareholder reports the accident with the required documentation.
    • Investors can easily and quickly check the details of irregular securities on SEIBro (, KSD's securities information portal.
Reporting procedures
  1. 01 Check the details of share certificates

    The shareholders' list is issued by KSD.

  2. 02 Report loss of share certificates

    A receipt for the report of lost share certificates is issued by police stations or substations.

  3. 03 Report accidents to share certificates

    A certificate of stock issuance is issued by KSD.

  4. 04 Application for a public summons

    A receipt for the report of the lost share certificates and a certificate of stock issuance is submitted to the department of civil cases in the issuer's competent court.

  5. 05 Nullification judgment

    The shareholder should appear at the department of civil cases in the issuer's competent court on the fixed date of a public summons (three months after announcement date).

  6. 06 Reissue

    The original copy of the judgment of nullification is submitted to KSD to receive new share certificates.

* These procedures can be handled by the issuer's transfer agent.